The Peculiar Life

Our agenda: practical christianity

Life is not a practice run.

How you have lived your life to date is permanent. There is no way to go back and change it. The decision you made, the consequences, the results, they are all set in stone. However, the rest of your life doesn't have to be a continuation and expansoin of those same consequences. You can learn from your mistakes, change your thinking, change your decisions, and through that, change the way you live your life tomorrow.

All of us start out with Conformity. We try to fit in, we do what is expected of us, we do what others are doing (peer pressure is a primary agent in this, caring most about what others think). Eventually, most of us get stuck trying to "keep up with the Joneses".

At some point, may of us come to realize that conformity doesn't work very well so we decide to "buck the system" - to be different. Many play with this idea at some point in their teenage years. We don't really know yet what we actually want. We just figure that "all grass outside my pen has to be greener than my grass." Thus starts the phase called Rebellion. It takes a lot of energy to be continuously bucking conventions, and after doing it for a while some of us realize that it doesn't work any better. In fact most "rebellion" is slightly rebranded "status-quo".

At this point we have three options. First we can return to the comfort of conformity. Second we can pursue a new or different rebellion (ultimately discovering the same results). Finally we can seek a different option, a different approach, a different way to live our lives.

The third way we can live our lives is Obedience. Submitting to a standard of life, defined by someone wiser than we are.